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What Images You Can Create With Stick On Jewels?

Makeup with rhinestones holds a leading position, occupying almost the very top of the fashionable Olympus. Glitter, sparkle, enchanting play of light leaves no one indifferent!

However, rhinestones, like any glitter cosmetics, are a capricious material. It is enough to make a little mistake with the color, size, or quantity, and instead of beauty, bad taste, and vulgarity will come out. But this does not mean that rhinestones are banned. On the contrary, you can and should work with them, because the end result is amazing!

Stick on face jewels makeup ideas

Often, when creating sparkling make-up, stylists use not only rhinestones but also cosmetic gloss or blush with shadows with reflective components. Subtly combining such materials, the craftsmen create an original look for an evening event.

The make-up uses rhinestones of different sizes and often plays with fantasy or floral patterns. For example, by combining green, yellow, and blue “crystals”, you can draw fabulous plants around the eyes or along the cheekbones. White, silvery, transparent “gems” will give the face a coldness, like the Snow Queen.

Not always use a lot of gloss. Add only a couple of crystals to the make-up, but rather large ones, emphasizing with appropriate shadows or blush. It will turn out mysterious and not so catchy.

Rhinestone makeup styles

In fact, rhinestones are organically included in the image of any style. The main thing is to choose the right ideas and use exactly as much as you need. And this means: not getting carried away, maintaining a sense of proportion, to create aesthetics.

Now glitter is actively used in the youth style but without fanaticism. Girls add only accents, making the face more unusual, more attractive. In evening dress, such solutions also look good. But in artificial light, crystals play especially bewitching, so here they can be taken from the heart.

Avant-garde, hi-tech, modern, casual, and romantic styles are endless fields for experimenting with brilliance. With the help of rhinestones, you can create any image: from a mysterious forest fairy to an alien from outer space.

What glue to use for stick-on face jewels?

If you want to use rhinestones, pay attention to three varieties:

  • Adhesive (cold fixation).
  • Self-adhesive.
  • Attached.

Adhesives are hot and cold fixing. For the skin, of course, the first ones are suitable. They fit snugly, stand up well on any surface, and create amazing patterns, but! It is important that the rhinestone glue is hypoallergenic and safe, designed for use on the skin.

How long does this makeup last?

Depends on the quality and type of glue, the correct application, and compliance with the technique of use. In general, if you take rhinestones, then they will definitely be enough for a party. And you should not wear it longer: such makeup is removed immediately after the end of the event.

Do you want to shine? So shine! Moreover, now there are many options to make yourself not only beautiful but also unusual. To find beautiful stick on face jewels just visit the website.

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