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How to Create a Great Beauty Look

Ah, the holiday season… Snow, glamour and glitter. Except that there are also Christmas presents, and if we are lucky enough to receive some (oh, joy), we also have to give some. And in terms of budget, once the first week of December is over, it starts to get tight… You thought you had to sacrifice your evening wear? Not at all! Follow our step-by-step fashion survival guide to create a great party look with clothes you already have at home.

Idea n°1: small socks in pumps

This is the micro-trend that we’ve seen everywhere but never really dared to implement. So this winter we’re going for a pair of funny socks. Lurex, cotton, lace or very fine knitwear, worn with a pair of heeled sandals or simple pumps. A tour de force that Kendall Jenner pulled off in flesh-coloured knee-highs this year on the Croisette. But we’re not there yet.

What’s the point?

To boost your figure in the blink of an eye with a detail that connoisseurs will appreciate.

Idea n°2: the all-terrain belt

The last time you wore a belt on a dress, you were 16. You haven’t done it since. You should have. But not the way you think! Instead of putting a thin belt around your waist and a jacket over it (which hides everything), do the opposite: belt the dress AND the jacket at the same time, which should be rather loose for the occasion. As for the belt, opt for sequins, smooth black coloured leather or a surprising satin ribbon with a bow. Thrills guaranteed.

What for?

From a midget to a starlet with this little-known, but oh-so-chic tip.

Idea n°3: the blazer jacket on bare skin with a thin necklace

It’s up to you. Dare? Or not? If you opt for the first option, there’s only one piece of advice to remember: “who can do more, can do less”. In other words, if you want to go all out on the low-cut, there’s no need to go all out elsewhere. Choose loose, sober high-waisted trousers, ultra discreet accessories and a natural make-up for a look that is both sexy and androgynous and that you can easily wear with flat shoes (beautiful loafers or a pair of mixed derbies).

What’s it for?

To show off at a low cost

Tip 4: The scarf in the bun or braid

Is your look a little flimsy? Why not? But in this case, go all out with an experimental and easy to achieve hairstyle approach. The trick? Simply tie your hair in a bun with a scarf. Another option (for the more adept) is to attach a piece of scarf to the base of a strand of hair and use it to braid your head before rolling it up.

What is it for?

To reinvest the time saved on a simple outfit with a great hairstyle to remember.

Tip 5: The office shirt with a pencil skirt

Too easy! Instead of opting for a thin strapless top and risking angina (like every year), we tame our office shirt for the first time from a new angle: that of the party. Unbuttoned, we slip it into a colourful pencil skirt (the one we never dare to take out) to counterbalance. And that’s it!

What’s it for?

Give your wardrobe a new perspective by playing the masculine-feminine card.

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