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The Reasons to Get iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max stands out from the crowd with its stunning design, advanced features, and unmatched performance. From its large dimensions to the enlarged camera, this phone is designed to arouse interest and captivate users.

Display and durability

The display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a feast for the eyes, with a 6.7-inch diagonal and a resolution that is higher than ever before. The refresh rate remains unchanged at 60 Hz, but the device is now protected by the new Ceramic Shield glass, which promises to be even more impact-resistant and scratch-resistant than ever before. Apple’s reduced prices of AppleCare+ speak volumes about the reliability of this new technology.

Audio quality

The sound quality of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has improved significantly, but the new design also has a downside: it is now easier to accidentally cover the speaker with your hand. Despite this, the audio quality of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than any other phone in the line, thanks to its larger size. Unfortunately, the audio jack is still missing, so users will need to use an adapter or wireless headphones, but the device supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Camera quality

The camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a true masterpiece, with a wide-angle lens and matrix-shift stabilization that makes up to 5,000 adjustments per second. The sensor is 47% larger, allowing the phone to capture 87% more light. Video recording supports HDR 4k 60fps Dolby Vision, which provides stunning results on displays that support this technology.

MagSafe and autonomy

Apple’s innovative approach to technology is on full display with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as the company introduces MagSafe and LiDAR. MagSafe is a new and trending feature that provides wireless charging, while LiDAR promises improved autonomy. The A14 Bionic chip, which replaces the A13, powers the device, and provides the raw power necessary to support features like HDR, matrix-shift stabilization, night mode, noise reduction, and LiDAR.

Battery performance

The A14 Bionic chip is at the heart of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, providing the raw power necessary to support its advanced features. This chip is a true powerhouse, and can only be matched by Apple itself. The high power of the A14 Bionic chip is put to good use in the camera, where it provides excellent performance and stunning results.

In conclusion, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a true work of art, and is the perfect phone for anyone who demands the best in design, performance, and features. Get yours today on the Three website.

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