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The Best Uniforms from Different Football World Cup Championships

From time to time, the desire to create creative clothing becomes the basis for the production of football uniforms. Sportswear companies use top designers to create team uniforms to increase revenue and sell more of their products.

Sometimes traditions, culture, and some symbols are used in the design of these clothes, which can attract more interest.

All 32 participants in the World Championship of any year must choose the uniform they will wear during the World Championship. So, let’s remember the best options in the history of the world championships. Keep reading.

Mexico (1998)

An amazing and courageous decision by the Mexican team. Drawing from explorers to the history of the country, the Aztecs, and their wall ornaments. In combination with the red and white pattern on the sleeves, the traditional green uniform of the Mexicans looked elegant.

Argentina (1978)

At the 1978 World Cup, numbers were given to players in an unusual way: in alphabetical order, in accordance with their last names. You can’t go wrong with the impeccable classic from Argentina with the iconic golden logo.

The Argentina national team plays in their flag jerseys. With the same white and blue stripes. Over the years, the number of stripes and their texture have changed, but the appearance has retained its recognizability: once Diego Maradona came out with a black ten on a striped T-shirt, now Lionel Messi.

Croatia (1998)

Have the Croats ever had an unsuccessful form? In that variation, the legendary checkers covered exactly a quarter of the T-shirt, and the coat of arms of the football federation was located in the center. Just a fairy tale.

France (1998)

The 1998 World Cup was rich in cool T-shirts, and the uniform of the world champions became a cult. Everything here is just perfect: both the red stripe on the chest and the three-color Adidas lines on the sleeves. And it would be possible to give her the victory, if not…

Germany (1990)

To be honest, two or three German T-shirts could have made it to the top at once. Let’s focus on the champion variation of 1990 – black, red, and yellow on a white background are simply divine! There is something about the combination of colors and the pattern itself that gives you a feeling of fantastic satisfaction when you look at this t-shirt. Don’t you think so?

You can admire this color orgasm endlessly. And you can not love the German national team, but not to recognize an unconditional victory for this T-shirt would be a real crime! And yet, do not forget that it is not the form that adorns the football player, but his game. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to remember those glory days all you have to do is just visit the Vintagefootballshirts website and get the one from the above list or any other that you like and remember.

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