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Secrets Of Using Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is attractive for several reasons at once: price, optimization, only the necessary functionality, visualization, and performance. The cost is significantly lower, but many additional features are not so necessary. Therefore, the option is not bad at all for the average user. Introducing the review of the Apple Watch SE.

Not a flagship, but that doesn’t make it any worse

Do you need to constantly measure the oxygen in your blood? During the period of coronavirus infection, the function is certainly useful. However, not everyone uses it on a periodic basis. The display here is not constantly on (but goes out after a while). Applications are activated quickly, navigation through the menu is smooth, and loading a little longer, but this is not at all critical.

As for the dimensions, everything is the same: Apple Watch SE is offered in 40 and 44 mm. The absence of an ECG is due to the use of a second-generation heart rate sensor. At the same time, in this watch, you can measure the pulse and record deviations. The gadget comes in an oblong white box with branded black logos. Inside, in addition to the watch itself, there is a charger, as well as a strap. By the way, if you wish, you can purchase various modifications of the strap, depending on personal preferences. Fortunately, they are exactly the same and fit other models.

The design is almost identical. There are some minor differences, but they are almost indistinguishable. It is worth supplementing the information about the screen with the following fact: it is resistant to scratches – and an oleophobic coating is provided. The brightness declared according to the documentation is 1000 cd / m². There is no software provided for checking this value, but in our subjective opinion, in reality, it is something like this. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, everything is clearly distinguishable at the maximum brightness set.

Specifications for Apple Watch SE

The watch case is made of recycled aluminum. It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of whether parts made of titanium, ceramics, and stainless steel are much stronger. In the course of testing the sample that participated in the preparation of the review, we did not find significant practical differences. The internal memory capacity is the same (as in Watch Series 5, 6) – 32 GB.

Protection is made in a similar way – 5 atm (immersion under water to a depth of 50 m is allowed). The display parameters are the same: 1.57 inches at a resolution of 324 × 394 pixels – in the 40 mm version, as well as 1.78 inches at 368 × 448 pixels. – in 44 mm version. The display format remains the same – AMOLED. That is, there was a fear that the manufacturer of a simplified version would make the screen less detailed. However, it was decided to leave it no less quality. This is a critical point that allows you to prioritize in the process of choosing the right model.

As for the differences. Compared to the Watch Series 6, the processor is different. A dual-core Apple S5 is integrated here (instead of S6). Otherwise, in terms of hardware stuffing, everything is the same. Wireless communication is carried out via Wi-Fi 5 GHz, Bluetooth version 5.

We recommend buying Apple Watch SE for the following reasons. Firstly, Watch Series 5 is already somewhat outdated (after all, the previous generation). At the same time, they still cost more than the current simplified model.  To find this model just visit the Three website.

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