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Men’s Jackets Guide. How To Choose the Perfect Fit?

The blazer, a timeless piece of men’s fashion, continues to reign supreme as the most versatile and popular item in a man’s wardrobe, despite the widespread popularity of denim-style clothing. The blazer provides a touch of sophistication and style to a man’s outfit, but is often overlooked due to the perception of it being an uncomfortable, restricting suit. Jacamo, however, has the solution. They have provided tips on how to choose the right blazer, and how to effortlessly style it with other pieces in your wardrobe, so that you can maintain both comfort and style.

Types of men’s jackets

The suit jacket, typically made of plain wool with cut pockets, one or two vents, and most commonly single-breasted, is a staple for a professional office look. A classic shirt with a stand-up collar is recommended to complete the look.

A sports jacket, also known as a blazer, has a more relaxed and informal feel, thanks to its distinctive fabric texture, color, pattern, length, and accessories. To match the style, it is recommended to wear a soft-collared shirt, a knitted tie, and bright colored chinos.

Choosing the right model

The first step in choosing the right blazer is to determine its intended purpose. If the blazer is for work with a dress code, opt for a model similar to pants you already own. For more versatility in your wardrobe, choose a neutral shade with a fabric pattern that complements other items.

The next step is considering your body shape. For larger men, dark shades such as deep blue, a single-breasted design, and a dense fabric construction are ideal. Short men should opt for a cropped blazer that visually divides the body in half for balance. Tall men, on the other hand, should choose a more elongated version. For thinner men, double-breasted versions in light shades of fabric and patch pockets work best, as a thin jacket, such as a cotton one, adds volume.

When trying on a blazer, ensure that it allows for proper movement, without being too loose. The waistline should be level with your own waist, and the shoulder line should align with your own shoulders. To ensure a proper fit, fasten the blazer and place your hands in the inner pocket, with your palms against your chest. If you can’t make a fist, the blazer is too small, and if there is room for another fist, it is too big.

Styling blazer with other garments

For a classic suit look, pair the blazer with a vest and shirt. This season, rich blue, chocolate, gray, gold, and white are the most popular colors. Complete the look with a tie that is a shade lighter than the jacket, and polished leather shoes.

When combining a blazer with a T-shirt, be mindful of the look. A safe option is a one-color garment made of the same material as the blazer, such as cotton, for a more harmonious image. Add jeans and a nice watch, and you’re set.

In conclusion, the blazer is a versatile piece of a man’s wardrobe that allows for effortless style and masculinity. To find your perfect blazer, visit the Jacamo website, where you’ll find a wide selection of both formal and casual styles.

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