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Laptop for Study: How to Choose the Right One

Modern conditions force students and schoolchildren to use devices for learning. It is best to choose them in a specialized online laptop store. Usually, the online catalogs of such trading platforms contain a large selection of mobile and compact gadgets for learning, which are conveniently placed in a small area in the dormitory, comfortably transported in any mode of transport. Laptops are best suited for distance learning, lecture notes, homework, practical work. What characteristics to take into account when choosing a laptop for studying and how to make your choice optimal by the criterion of “cost-effectiveness”, will tell the specialists of the online laptop store.

Design nuances, laptop display

When choosing a laptop for studying, it should be understood that sophisticated models have excessive functionality, for which you have to pay. Therefore, you should immediately pay attention to laptops that are distinguished by:

– lightness and compactness;

– comfortable touchpad and keyboard;

– reasonable cost.

Students of higher and secondary schools should choose thin laptops and transformers that open 180° and have a touch screen. The optimal display diagonal is 15 inches. With a smaller size, the keyboard will be less comfortable, and reading texts from the screen will be more difficult. Opting for a 17-inch, heavier and bulkier model makes sense only if you need an adequate replacement for a desktop PC. When studying the characteristics of a laptop, pay attention to the type of matrix and resolution – they are important for the comfort of displaying the picture. The most common type of matrix is IPS, which has excellent viewing angles and provides better contrast, color and brightness. The recommended resolution is not less than Full HD 1920×1080 pixels.

Processor, RAM, file storage

If you choose a laptop only for educational purposes, then a powerful and, accordingly, more expensive processor is not needed. Low-speed SPU with a small number of cores from AMD, Intel Celeron, Pentium will be more than enough for distance learning formats Meet or Zoom. To speed up work and gaming, multi-core powerful chips with parallel data processing are introduced into laptops. As for the video card, models with a built-in video accelerator are suitable. The price of products with a discrete video chip will be higher. Educational devices offered by online laptop stores in 2022 can be equipped with 4-8 GB of RAM. The speed of the laptop will be the higher, the greater its capacity.

An important selection criterion is the amount of file storage and its type. If you intend to store small amounts of information, a 128 GB drive is suitable. If necessary, you can purchase additional external media. The optimal type of drive is SSD.

Operating system, camera, autonomy

Perhaps the most programs and free add-ons are developed for Windows, so you should choose a laptop that is equipped with it. Gadgets with Endless and Chrome operating systems will be cheaper, but there is a risk of compatibility problems with programs and devices. If someone decides not to save, you can buy a more expensive MacBook with MacOS installed. Such devices are distinguished by durability and stability. An important element of educational laptop equipment is a camera, as in recent years online learning has become almost the only form of education. In this situation, the contact between the teacher and the student and its quality is important, so most devices have a built-in webcam with a resolution of 720 p or 1080 p and a microphone. However, before buying, you should make sure of their availability and characteristics.

Another criterion for choosing a laptop is autonomy, the optimum of which is 5-6 hours. It is important to understand that connecting to the Internet and watching movies drains the battery faster than working with text content. Therefore, taking into account the nuances of the educational process, we recommend choosing a device with appropriate autonomy.

Undoubtedly, the listed technical characteristics are a general guideline when choosing a laptop for studying. Regarding a certain chosen model, it is worth consulting with the specialists of the online laptop store, who will thoroughly explain all the nuances and advantages of a particular laptop for the intended use.

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