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How to Wear Animal Prints in 2022?

Perhaps the year of the tiger affects the fashion world but interest in animal prints this year has increased on the catwalks and gradually migrated to the mass market. Of course, it will not outshine the color frenzy that is going on in stores but for those who love leopard, zebra, and tiger as a pattern, it is a good opportunity to wear it absolutely freely. Even a plain item with a crocodile or python texture can work as a printed item.

Each type of print, be it pea, check, floral, or leopard, has its own character and set of established combinations. In the image, they can work in different ways, and stylists skillfully use this to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure.

The reputation of animal print, unfortunately, has been tarnished thanks to the 80s. It became associated with bad taste and vulgarity. But this is just a stereotype, the most boring animal print transforms and makes it interesting.

In order not to repeat the mistakes of the 80s, you should avoid frank necklines, and tight-fitting silhouettes and use animal print in the image in a dosed manner. To begin with, it is advisable to start by combining this print with black things, such a union always looks advantageous and will allow you to balance the image. Black, white, beige, and many shades of brown go well with a leopard, and red and blue go well with a zebra.

Rules for using prints for body shaping

Prints are an accent, so they work differently for different body types. With their help, you can create a balance in broken proportions. The black skirt will visually make the wide hips narrower, and the print will visually enlarge the more fragile upper part. A thing with a print, worn on a voluminous part of the body, will make it even more voluminous. The smaller the girl, the smaller the print should be, a large print looks good on tall and slender ones but tall and full it will make it even bigger.

When combining prints and a neutral item, do not forget to place a colorful print in your winning areas, a monotonous item will correct existing flaws, and an animal print will make the look interesting.

Animal print system

An image in which the animal print plays a key role (full body print is akin to a total look image). Most often, this is a printed dress or coat paired with neutral accessories and shoes.

The combination of printed things with plain. For example, plain trousers or a skirt and a printed blouse, or vice versa.

Printed accessories that act as an accent (shoes, scarves, scarves, bags, etc.).

Try it and don’t be afraid that someone won’t like it. Sometimes it’s worth going beyond the safe limits of minimalism because fashion helps fight boredom! At least you’ll know you’ve at least tried it. To find the best garments with different animal prints, just head to the Missy Empire website.

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