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How to Prepare the Budget for a World Tour? 

Factors that influence the cost of a world tour

The destinations: which countries will you visit?

To fuel your round-the-world dream, you probably start by making a list of the countries you would like to visit. In reality, you may or may not visit these destinations. Indeed, if you want to keep your budget reasonable and you don’t want to be frustrated or disappointed with your world tour, we advise you to make concessions and favour certain destinations. Rest assured, every country has its own treasures and wonders!

The cost of living can vary from one country to another: in developing countries, where the cost of living is low, the daily budget for two people can be around €15, whereas in developed countries, where the cost of living is high, it can easily reach €100.

In order to optimise your expenses, when creating your round-the-world itinerary, we suggest that you diversify your choice of destinations.

The mode of travel: which mode of travel do you choose?

What if this was the right time to change your travel and consumption habits? By questioning the expensive ways of travelling, you will certainly turn to a more modest way of travelling and with which you can save money. If you opt for a ‘classic’ way of travelling, through a travel agency and/or organised trips, with ‘standard’ consumption habits such as hotels, restaurants, tourist activities, etc., you will certainly have to budget for this.

Among the different ways of travelling that you can adopt to travel around the world at a lower cost is backpacking, otherwise known as the “Backpacker” mode. It is about leaving with only your backpack. It’s a whole philosophy and a simple way to travel with the bare minimum.

Work: do you plan to work during your world tour?

Is your round-the-world project compromised by a lack of budget? Why not try working while you travel. You may be able to work anywhere in the world by keeping your job or by looking at local seasonal work opportunities.

Remember that in some cases you will need a work visa. It is up to you to check with the relevant authorities in the country where you are moving temporarily to complete the necessary paperwork.

Expenses before going on a world tour

Don’t forget to add to your final budget all the expenses to prepare for your world tour. Some preparations are essential, we advise you to divide them into several expenditure items:

Miscellaneous equipment :

Travel equipment represents the first big expense, but also the one with which you will be able to make your first savings… We advise you to focus on quality rather than quantity for practical reasons, but also and above all so that your equipment can accompany you throughout your adventure to the end of the world. Here are some ideas of equipment to take with you: backpack, shoes, water bottle, camera…

Means of transport :

Bought in advance or as you go, plane tickets represent a large part of your round-the-world budget. For long journeys, it is difficult to do without them, but when it is possible to travel without a plane, trains, buses, boats and other means of transport can become your best friends. Less expensive, they will also allow you to contemplate beautiful landscapes or to travel at night.

Limiting your air travel will allow you to travel responsibly, but also to save money. Think about it when you buy your round-the-world tickets!

First aid kit:

A first-aid kit is an essential part of a successful world tour. In some countries, pharmacies may not be as frequent or as well-stocked as they are in our regions of France. On the other hand, having something to treat a few ailments without having to see a doctor can save you money.

We advise you to take some basic items with you: sterile compresses, cotton wool, bandages, antiseptic, thermometer, etc. Then come the antipyretics and analgesics, which are used to reduce fever and calm pain, such as paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen. Don’t forget antidiarrhoeals, which help fight stomach aches, and antibiotics to treat infections such as turista. 

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