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How to Modernise a Look With a Dress or Skirt?

Have you ever felt out of place with who you really are when you go to work in your working girl outfit? All because you’re wearing a skirt or a dress but you don’t really know what to wear with it to be both fashionable and look right for the office?

Even if some jobs still require very conventional outfits, like suits with pumps, you can still afford cool and stylish looks to go to work today.

1- Skirt or midi dress and leather jacket

All that’s left is to know how to make the right combinations to wear the dress or skirt without feeling like you’ve missed out on a stylish look! 

For example, the midi skirt is a skirt that stops at knee level (below or just above). Often flared, flowing and comfortable, it has the advantage of fitting all body types, but it is also ultra classic. Wearing it with a leather jacket like a perfecto, you will bring a rock touch that will completely modernize the look! We dare even more by wearing trainers instead of pumps!

2- Long skirt or dress and denim jacket

The long skirt or dress is super trendy at the moment. And the big question is: what do I wear it with so I don’t get cold! Because with a long dress or skirt, you don’t want to wear a coat, trench coat or jacket! There’s no better way to break up the look!

So opt for a denim jacket that will bring a cool side to the look or a leather jacket for the rock side!

3- Wedges or low boots instead of classic pumps

Pumps are shoes that will have the immediate effect of making your look ultra classic. So if you don’t fancy yourself flat, swap your pumps and other heeled loafers for wedges (with rope in summer) or low boots in winter … and your look will be miraculously rejuvenated! Obviously, if 12cm heels don’t scare you, with a skirt, it’s a femme fatale look guaranteed!

4- Sneakers instead of ballet flats or moccasins

If you only wear flat shoes, associated with a skirt or a dress, especially if it is not a mini skirt (because with a mini skirt, we agree, you stay flat!) either you play the BB style: with a skirt or a flared dress in a fifties style and the ballerinas will be perfect, or your look is not super modern as Cristina Cordula would say!

You just need to replace your flats with stylish trainers and you’re done!

To go to work in trainers, choose classic ones and keep them immaculate! White Stan Smiths, Gazelles or Converse are perfect, unless you’re tempted by ready-to-wear trainers. Avoid big trainers, which may be trendy but may not be appreciated by your boss!

5- Pencil skirt and high sandals or stilettos

In my opinion, the pencil skirt, a skirt that reaches below the knee, should be worn with stilettos or high sandals. With her femme fatale look, she can be toned down at work with a simple loose tee.

6- Shirt or T-shirt?

OK, so we know we’re wearing a skirt, whether it’s midi or long, with a leather or denim jacket and low boots, wedges or trainers, but what should we wear as a top?

If the skirt is straight, you can wear a shirt, which will accentuate the “working girl” look. And since we’ve adopted the perfecto and low boots, the classic look of the shirt will be perfect, especially if it’s an outfit for going to work.

On the other hand, with a long or midi skirt, especially if it’s pleated, instead of a blouse or shirt, opt for a plain T-shirt or one with patterns or text if your skirt is plain. However, a nice shirt with an open neckline will also look good.

7- What about the short skirt?

The short skirt is a skirt that stops well above the knee. It can be straight, ball or skater. I admit to being a fan of these skirts and I find a short skirt worn in winter with opaque tights and flat or low-heeled thigh-high boots to be delightful. 

The skater skirt is also super cute worn flat if it is really short, or with nice heels if it is a bit longer, especially for dancing! 

The mini skirt can be worn with a loose jumper in winter to counterbalance the sexy side of the skirt, while with a skater skirt, a top that can be tucked into the skirt will highlight the waist.

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