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How to Determine the Сharacter of Men and Women by the Style of Сlothing?

How to find out the character of a man by the style of clothing If you look closely at the style of a man, you can easily establish his main character traits. Psychologists have compiled the 5 most common male styles and prepared a description of the character for each. 

As if from the cover of a magazine 

Such a man always follows stylish trends and modern trends. In his wardrobe there are many things from famous designers, he knows how to distinguish cargo pants from joggers. Men with this style consider it very important how they look and how they are perceived by others. He also looks for friends and a soulmate with good style who follow fashion. It is very difficult for them to leave their comfort zone. Finding a compromise with them is not easy, but quite possible. You need to look for an individual approach to such fashionistas. 

Sporty style 

The wardrobe of such men is based on hoodies, sports sweatshirts and sweatpants for training. And it is not necessary that the profession or hobby is related to sports activities. Most likely, such a man appreciates comfort and puts convenience above all. 

He chooses friends and partners with whom he does not feel tension, and for communication he does not need to get a star from the sky. In the work team they are very passive and rarely show initiative. 

Laconic and formal style 

Suits, classic shirts and shoes are the main elements of the wardrobe of men who value order and accuracy in everything. They usually work a lot in managerial positions and devote themselves to their work. Their social circle consists of colleagues or work acquaintances. At home, everything should be on its shelves, and a mess can throw them off balance. Creating a relationship and family with such a man, be prepared that you will always be in second place after work. 


Men who prefer casual style usually know how to keep a balance between comfort and trends. They have a lot of stylish and simple things in their wardrobe that they successfully combine with each other. In life they usually know how to work well and have fun. They are serious enough in matters related to the family, but also have time to devote time to friends, hobbies, fun. Such men are easy to get along with and are considered the soul of the company. 

Rocker style 

Such men consider themselves punks and want to go against the system. In their wardrobe you can find leather jackets, pants with spikes or rivets, massive boots or sneakers. They do not agree to live like others and are always looking for something new and unusual. Instead of a comfortable car they have a motorcycle, and instead of a quiet family life they have constant fun and parties. 

How to determine the character of a woman by the style of clothing The style of a woman can also tell a lot about her character. Psychologists also identify several basic styles that are followed by more women. So what does clothing say about a woman? Let’s find out. 

Sports style

Hoodies, sweatshirts and sneakers in a woman’s wardrobe speak of her lightness and simplicity. Such a woman has a simple character and is quite straightforward. She usually does not hide emotions and directly says what she thinks. Women who prefer sports style of clothing value comfort and are not ready to give it up even for important goals.

Business, classic style 

In their wardrobe you can find pencil skirts, pumps or Mary Janes, white shirts, blazers and jackets. These women usually know their worth and know how to stand up for themselves. All their achievements they get thanks to their constant work. They also look for worthy people when choosing friends and partners. Creating a relationship with such a woman, be prepared for the fact that you will need to constantly fight for her heart. 

Romantic and feminine style 

Light dresses, short skirts, sandals or high heels, many delicate pastel colors can be found in the wardrobe of women with this style. They create a style of light, feminine and a little naive person. Such women usually do not make serious decisions on their own and are used to standing behind a courageous man’s shoulder. She is very easy and fun to communicate with. Creating a relationship with her, be prepared that the man will have to take the status of the main one. 


The basis of the wardrobe of such women are simple T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, comfortable shoes, sweaters, leggings. Women with this style love comfort, have time to follow fashion trends and successfully combine them with classics in their images. They are very open and easy to communicate, easily find friends in any company. Relationships with her are also easy and not tense. But behind such a woman there are always many fans, so be ready to constantly prove your love and keep the focus on yourself. 

The character of a person by the style of clothing – what to pay attention to 

  • If a person prefers dark shades (black, gray, dark blue, dark green), then he is very reserved and closed from others; 
  • People who prefer to dress in bright colors are more open to the world and usually have a positive attitude, optimists in life. 
  • You can also draw your conclusions by the number of things in the wardrobe. People with a lot of things like to be different, constantly change and be in the spotlight. 
  • And those who have only basic things in their wardrobe do not focus on appearance and like to stay in the shadows. Does a person pay too much attention to details? Most likely he has problems with self-esteem. He seems to be trying to create an ideal image for himself to prove that he is worthy of attention. 

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