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Woman removing dirt from carpet with vacuum cleaner at home, closeup


How to Clean Your Home Quickly: the Essential Tools for Daily Cleaning

Cleaning the house is not one of the most pleasant pastimes. Indeed, it is often a real burden for some people: fatigue, lack of desire and especially lack of time are among the main reasons for postponing cleaning. This is not to say that everyone likes to have a clean and tidy house, even when the hectic pace of life prevents a perfect and quick clean. But is it possible to clean your house quickly?

It is possible to clean your house quickly, you just need the right cleaning tools and a minimum of organisation.

Dedicating a little time to cleaning your home each day will also speed up a great, deep clean.

So make a weekly plan to clean the house effortlessly.

Don’t forget to avoid detergents and chemicals from your routine: keep an eye on the environment and your health by choosing natural and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, such as steam.

Vacuuming for quick daily cleaning of your home

The most important thing to do in order to be able to clean your house quickly every day is to have the right cleaning tools. Among the useful equipment for daily cleaning, you can’t miss the cordless hoover. Nowadays, there are many models available. It is certain that cordless hoovers are more comfortable to move freely in the house. Pay attention to the suction power: if the chosen model has an adjustable power, it is necessary to select the suction adapted to the surface to be treated.

The hoover is not only useful for floors. Cordless hoovers with integrated handheld hoovers can also be used for quick cleaning of furniture, shelves, bookcases and upholstery.

Steam makes cleaning your home quick

By adding steam to the vacuuming, it is also quick to sanitise the whole house. The cordless steam mop is the indispensable companion for daily cleaning. Practical and immediate, it allows you to clean any surface with the power of steam alone. Forget about buckets and mops: detergents are no longer necessary, cleaning the house becomes quick, ecological and your hands are always dry.

By choosing a model that allows you to clean quickly and efficiently, you can turn the steam cleaner into a dustpan by simply changing the cloth. This will also reduce dust mites.

Also, don’t forget to always keep natural products that could help with natural cleaning, such as baking soda, white vinegar or lemon.

Tips for a quick house cleaning

Remember a few tips for keeping the house clean, such as keeping a microfiber cloth by the sink to dry up spills and prevent limescale build-up, and getting family members to keep things tidy and put things back where they belong. Make it a habit to clean the stove immediately after use to avoid clogging. If you fill the dishwasher immediately after meals, the kitchen will immediately be tidier. Similarly, if you wash your dishes by hand, clean them immediately after eating. This will prevent the dishes from piling up in your sink.

Take a few minutes to open the windows in the morning: air out the room before going to bed.

Cleaning the house can be simple, quick and less tiring with the right habits.

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