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How to Choose a Hard Disk?

Your computer uses a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD) to store information. In the article, we will talk about hard drives and features of choice. It will be partly about buying new HDDs.

Disc brands

It is better to start the search for a high-quality hard drive not with capacitive indicators, but with a brand. If the disk was produced by WD, Seagate Toshiba, then this will tell the user about the high quality of the product.

Capacitive values

Next, you need to decide on the capacity. For what purpose are you purchasing the drive? For ordinary users and home use, 1-2 TB drives are the most popular. Or you choose a drive for video surveillance or a server. Appointment plays an important role in the choice.

The larger the disk capacity, the cheaper it is. Visually, on the price tag, it does not look like this. For example, a 500 GB HDD will cost less than a 2000 GB hard drive. But if you take the total cost for the paid volume of the drive, then 2 TB is more profitable. The higher the capacity, the more beneficial it feels.

Often a high-capacity HDD has up to seven or eight disks inside – this allows you to increase the capacitance values ​​​​of disks to almost any level. But the more disks inside the case, the less reliable such equipment can be – disks, at times, wedged. Sometimes it is better to take models with a smaller capacity and one disk, which have a larger margin of safety – the characteristic “bite” of disks will not be observed in them at all.

Turnover of hard drives

Sometimes some gamers deliberately refuse to purchase hard drives, arguing that they guarantee a relatively small streaming stream – no more than 50 fps. But this applied to old disks with a spindle speed of no more than 5400 rpm. If you need models with a high streaming stream, then it is better to choose HDDs with a spindle speed of 10,000 rpm and higher, which are closer in their characteristics to SSDs but are cheaper and have much more capacity.

Reaction time and clipboard

If the hard drive has an impressive buffer with a capacity of up to 128-256 MB, the response speed to commands will be at least 20 ms. In this option, you can be sure that the hard drive will not play the SSD at all and can be used for gaming sessions. Cache figures of 32-64 MB are suitable for simple office or home assemblies. When you do not need to work with a large number of small files, for example, as in server assemblies.

Connection interface

With the connection interface, everything is more or less clear – SATA. New hard drives in stores are sold with a SATA lll (third generation) interface and a bandwidth of up to 6 Gb / s.

If the interface will be used in the form of SATA, then all this will indicate the high quality of the proposed equipment. The SATA interface is convenient because it allows you to connect the drive to a hot computer. But even somewhat outdated models of hard drives operating on the ATA interface are considered an excellent choice since they use a wide cable, which a priori guarantees the maximum hard connection to the motherboard and all equipment can work much more stable.

Now you know what you need to consider if you want to get proper Hard Disk Drives. To find the best ones just visit the AWD-IT website.

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