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How Should Men Wear the Perfect Checkered Blazer

A men’s checkered blazer, by definition, cannot be purchased on the spur of the moment; only a young guy who is well-versed in fashion and not afraid to create surprising, daring ensembles can afford one. A jacket with this type of print is the polar opposite of the traditional rigorous form; depending on the brightness of the design and pattern, it can be neutral, relatively modest, or exuberant and lively. In any event, it declares his owner’s character and puts him in the limelight. What should such garments be paired with in order for the ensemble to seem cohesive, acceptable in a given setting, and compliment the figure? Continue reading this article written by our fashion staff to find out the solution.

The garments that best fit such a blazer

A blazer of this design will become the focal point of any smart casual style (smart casual), and it may serve as the foundation for a festive appearance, such as for a ceremony as a groom or a guest, a gala reception, a cultural event, or a date in a restaurant. In the first situation, simply dress comfortably – jeans, long T-shirts, and loose turtlenecks are ideal. Try conventional navy blue, black jeans, pipe trousers, simple shirts, or shirts with subtle décor including such polka dots when searching for a go-out ensemble.

Get the right style according to the occasion

In preparation for the wedding. You may make a dress suit as a groom, best man, or close friend of the newlyweds by matching the accent piece with a set of fancy accessories. A white chemise, boutonniere, and a ribbon knotted around the neck complete the vintage appearance.

For everyday use. Choose a model from a cool, understated color palette such as olive, dark green, blue, brown, or ash. It is preferable if the cell is tiny and does not contrast with the dominant color.

For the sake of labor. To make an office jacket appear suitable, select a modest style in neutral hues – and in this case, it will not be noticeably different from the typical black, grey, dark blue, or brown office two-piece suit. A tone-on-tone tie with no pattern or a medium-sized design, classic trousers, a plain shirt or pinstripes, and a tone-on-tone shirt or pinstripes can assist create a harmonious business outfit.

Wear it on a date or to a party. True fashionistas will undoubtedly want to impress others with their outstanding fashion sense, and a casual event is the ideal setting for this.

Color palette

If you choose a non-brightly printed version in a dark grey or black tone, pair it with a grey or blue shirt, and a tie or scarf in the same or opposing color – mustard, dark yellow, or burgundy will add to the aristocratic effect.

Liked all of the style options for this blazer? All you need now is one or a stylish item. All of information is available on the Jacamo website.

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