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How Should Men Choose Gold and Silver Cufflinks?

Men’s cufflinks are the most interesting detail. But how to wear and choose them, we will tell you further.

Selection of cufflinks according to the type of shirt cuffs

You can’t just choose and buy cufflinks. Be sure to have an appropriate suit, and a shirt with appropriate cuffs in the wardrobe.

Fashion designers and jewelers distinguish three types of cuffs that are suitable for wearing cufflinks:

  • Italian – these are the so-called sports cuffs, which can also be worn with a business suit. No holes for decoration.
  • French – double cuffs, consisting of 2 layers of fabric, are considered an evening option. They have holes for decoration. They always tuck up, but they don’t smooth the fold.
  • Vienna cuff – a combination of the first 2 types. It has an opening for both a button and cufflinks, but they are considered a casual style, although they are suitable for both an evening tailcoat and a business suit.

Everyone chooses what is convenient, but, for example, Viennese cuffs are considered universal and more convenient.

Production material

To improve the image, it is important to choose the right material from which the cufflinks will be cast. Undoubtedly, you can buy completely gold or silver, but this is not always practical, especially if you wear them every day. We also recommend choosing cufflinks with gilding – expensive and angry.

Often on the shelves of a jewelry store, you can find jewelry with an inlaid stone – this option is also acceptable. But for the most part, they are chosen with the expectation of wearing socks for going out, for an evening outfit – for everyday wear, this is considered to be bad manners.

If you choose a cufflink with a stone, the main thing is that the latter should harmoniously fit into the duet with the color of the shirt or pattern.

If you want to choose a decoration, you will have it basic option – opt for a cufflink with black minerals that have the correct shape.

Rules for choosing cufflinks – what to look for?

If you set yourself the goal of choosing the right cufflinks, it is important to know that the tones should be in harmony with the wardrobe and other accessories that will complement the whole image.

The cufflinks themselves can be:

  • Symmetrical shape – they are called by the masters a more practical choice since they are combined with any shirt and jacket. They are suitable for a serious and responsible man who prefers minimalism in his image.
  • Asymmetric – they, like symmetrical ones, consist of two halves, but for the first, both are the same, and for these, they will be different. They can be decorated with precious stones, made in a variety of forms, and for the most part, suit people of refined taste.

And before buying, it is important to think about what shirt, and jacket to wear them with, and what ties to combine with.

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