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Good Reasons to Go Casual

The way you dress has an impact on how a person feels in the workplace. It reflects an image of you and your company. In a modern world, suits and tailoring are no longer necessarily the norm. Here are 6 good reasons to leave them behind.

1- Keep your identity

Clothes don’t make the man, but they always give a message about your personality or your tastes, voluntarily or not. For some French people, the classic work attire only serves to adapt to the world where they work and to create a distance with the professional world. By allowing your employees to express their taste in clothing (without going overboard) you give them the opportunity to better reveal their personality and get to know them. According to Marc Jacobs, “Dressing is a form of self-expression. There are clues to who you are in what you wear. Don’t forget that clothing style can give them more confidence and self-assurance.

2- It’s more comfortable and less expensive

A more casual outfit is more comfortable and makes you feel at home. Shirts and ties sometimes strangle you throughout the day and pumps give you a backache at the end of the day. By opting for jeans, t-shirts and trainers, you will surely feel more comfortable. Your nice, clean, casual pair of sneakers will no longer sleep in the wardrobe waiting for the weekend (not to be confused with your running shoes). No more dry-cleaning fees, for the slightest stain on your suit or suit, just put your t-shirt or jeans in the machine, it’s still much quicker and more convenient.

3- Because Friday Wear is trendy

Friday Wear is a practice that was imported from the United States and Silicon Valley start-ups about twenty years ago. It is gradually making its way into French workplaces, advocating a more relaxed way of dressing as the weekend approaches. The monotonous and rigid rigour of suits and tailoring is abandoned. You and your employees are more comfortable on this day, so why deprive yourself of this practice during the rest of the week?

4- You will attract young people

Young talent remains a valuable asset for your company. Generations Y and Z are still demanding in terms of their working conditions. Faced with the reputation of certain large groups or banks, why not play on the fact that you allow them a more casual style of dress in the office? Especially since the Millenium generation, born in the 2000s, is fast approaching the market and is looking for fulfillment in the workplace.

5- You will break down hierarchical barriers

Not having a specific dress code can give the impression of working in a family. By dropping the traditional office clothes, the way you dress no longer reflects your social position and your rank in the company’s organisation chart. This will allow you to feel closer to your employees, while keeping certain limits. The climate will be more friendly between you and less strict.

6- A company culture based on relaxation

Your corporate culture is conveyed through your clothing. An atmosphere of well-being and relaxation or rather a strict and rigid atmosphere. “There are dress codes in any professional context, and by adapting to them, you show that you want to be part of the ‘family’,” observes Anne Guerand, temporary teaching and research associate in human resources. Know how to free your company from this constraint.

All these advantages may have convinced you to adopt a casual style of dress. However, there is a fine line between casual and inappropriate. Indecent or sloppy dress can damage your company’s image. Also, if you have a meeting with a client or a conference, choose a more classic style to avoid losing credibility.

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