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Get Every Corner Of Your House Covered With Wi-Fi

Do you struggle with weak Wi-Fi signal in certain parts of your home? We have a solution for you! This guide will show you, in simple terms, how to expand your Wi-Fi signal throughout your apartment or house, potentially saving you money on your internet bill.

Look for the ideal spot

To get a better grasp on how Wi-Fi signal works, think of it as a radio wave. Just like radio waves, Wi-Fi signals can be impacted by obstacles such as solid walls or metal objects. The signal strength can decrease by up to 15% for each wall it passes through.

For example, if the Wi-Fi signal range in an open environment is 400 meters, it can reduce to 60 meters after passing through one wall, 9 meters after passing through two walls, and 1.35 meters after passing through three walls. Hence, a stable signal can only be expected to penetrate through two walls at most.

To improve the coverage of your Wi-Fi network, locate the spot where the signal starts to deteriorate and place your Wi-Fi extender there. The extender acts as a booster that detects weak signals and amplifies them to improve the coverage area. You can choose from a variety of extenders, each with unique styles, features, and sizes to suit your needs.

Setting up the extender is a breeze, just follow the instructions provided. Once it’s set up, connect your laptop or any other device to the extender’s network. Your device will automatically connect to the network with the strongest and most reliable signal, ensuring that you never have to face any connectivity issues again.

Unleash the full potential of your Wi-Fi

That’s it! No more complicated jargon, no more slow speeds, and no more connectivity issues. Get your hands on a high-quality Wi-Fi extender and enjoy seamless internet in every part of your home. Browse the Hyperoptic website for a range of extenders and Wi-Fi solutions that cater to all your needs and requirements. Upgrade your home’s Wi-Fi today and experience the difference!

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