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French Beauty Secrets

Parisian women have beauty secrets that can completely transform you – discover them!

If there’s one thing I have to confess, it’s that my beauty routine is usually very basic: wash, cleanse, apply and that’s it.

However, over the years, I’ve realised that I need to change this step-by-step if I want to get better results and give my face a ‘break’.

That’s why I looked in depth for beauty tips that make effortless a trend. It’s time to take note!


If there’s one thing that characterises French beauty, it’s that French women really look for quality over quantity. I don’t mean that they pay a lot of money for their products, but that they are not afraid to buy something they know will do them good.


This is the beauty staple that all French women have in common. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night or if the event is formal or a simple day out on the streets, red lipstick will be everyone’s salvation. Always have one in your bag!


If there’s one thing I love (and we love) about these women’s style, it’s their sensual hair. Their secret? A texturiser or, in your case, a dry shampoo. This way you’ll achieve unique hair. Plus, you can say goodbye to greasy hair – two functions in one!


The women of France love water and its effects on their body and beauty. Their secret potion is to drink a glass of water when they wake up to activate their system. Also, they use cold water to maintain the elasticity of their skin, so don’t hesitate to wash your face in this way.


It’s not just a step-by-step beauty routine, but they actually turn these habits into a new lifestyle.

They never go to bed without removing their make-up, they look for constant moisturising, they look for the best products for their skin and they look for constant renewal every day, something we should definitely copy them. The French really know how to do it!

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