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Do Men Pay Attention to a Red Lipstick?

According to psychologists, the first thing a man notices when he meets a woman is her lips. That is why lips are regarded as a symbol of femininity, sensuality, and seduction!

And red is the lipstick queen…

As it turns out, red lipstick has an odd effect on men.

Researchers from the University of South Brittany, carried out an experiment.

Waitresses from one restaurant were chosen, and they either forwent lipstick altogether or made their lips look full of red, pink, and brown lipstick.

During the test, 447 guests were served. 

Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York have already established scientifically that men are most attracted to women who are wearing red.

It’s no secret that the color red represents passion, love, vigor, and courage. According to psychologists, using bright colors in one’s makeup and attire can help a lady become more confident, emotive, and, most importantly, bold.

The experiment’s findings showed that servers with red lips were more likely to get gratuities from customers than other waitresses.

The most intriguing finding, according to a study reported in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, is that waitress looks had no impact on female customers but did have an impact on male customers.

From the perspective of scientists, sexuality and a high amount of estrogen are linked to the redness of the lips. Because of this, a lot of makeup professionals advise their clients to select red lipstick.

How do I pick a red lipstick shade?


Owners of dark hair should be aware that lipstick will appear more vibrant the more the skin tone contrasts with the hair.

Use red-brown and cherry hues of red for girls with dark complexions and wine and red shades for those with porcelain light skin, for instance.

Fairly haired

Girls with light hair should go toward cool, light, and bright colors. Your complexion will look better, and you’ll have a nice accent. Avoid selecting a reddish-brown or really dark red color.

Redhead and blond

You should first decide whether your hair is warm or cold in tone. Lipstick and hair should not contrast.

It is preferable to use muted tones based on saturation level.

Has brown hair

Women with brown hair should also determine whether their hair is warm or chilly in color.

It is not required to have fancy for a terracotta shade, as well as a brilliant lilac tone, in lipstick for brown-haired women. Lipstick for brown-haired women can also be any saturation level.

You want to have the purest red you can.

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