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DIY Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Not all brides are the same, for some brides make-up is as important as the dress, and for others it is not a big concern. Some brides prefer a very discreet and natural look, and others prefer a very showy and striking make-up.

On the other hand, we are living in difficult times (this post is written in times of Coronavirus and world economic recession), and we have been forced to do things by ourselves, look for alternatives, cut costs, in short, a series of measures to adapt and get the best out of this situation.

We have prepared this DYI bridal make-up guide for you who are about to get married, or for you who are going to attend a wedding soon, we have prepared it with a lot of love as an alternative that you can take into account if you find it too complicated or expensive to hire a professional.

So with this step by step guide to do a bridal make-up you can achieve a spectacular look, you can enhance your beauty, and best of all, do it to your liking. Let’s go there! 


In this guide we will explain you the step by step recommended by professional make-up artists. You may think that wedding make-up is the same as any other party make-up, but it is not, bridal make-up is a bit special, because the bride usually does a lot of make-up before the event, besides, during the ceremony and the reception the bride suffers a bit of nerves or stress, which makes her perspire a bit more than usual.

Taking into account that it is not a typical party make-up, in this bridal make-up guide we will give you all the tips you should put into practice to ensure that your make-up remains flawless and spectacular during the whole time of your big day.


Knowing your skin type is essential to achieve flawless make-up that looks flawless in person and in photos. So how do you know your skin type? Take a look at your skin throughout the day to see how your everyday makeup looks at different times. We recommend looking in the mirror, touching your face and looking for signs of dryness or oiliness, if you don’t see any of these characteristics, then your skin is classified as “normal skin”.


Ask any makeup artist and they’ll tell you that skincare and pre-base is the most important step to flawless skin. Make sure your make-up application looks smooth and will last all day. Make sure your skin is clean and fresh before makeup application by cleansing and toning your skin beforehand. Here are some tips:

Every skin type cries out for moisture, especially under make-up and pre-base.

For oily skin, moisturiser will reduce shine. Believe it or not, oily skin is often dehydrated and therefore produces excess sebum in an attempt to rehydrate.

For dry or sensitive skin, moisturiser will help minimise dry areas and provide more shine.


Pre-base will be your best friend to help your makeup stay in place throughout the day, as well as provide an even application. Here are a few tips:

For oily skin: silicone-based foundations blur the skin and will hold the foundation in place.

For dry or sensitive skin: primers that quench your skin’s thirst and are non-irritating are the ideal choice.

For combination skin: if you’re not willing to buy both primers to treat each area, we recommend that you concentrate on really working the moisturiser into the dry skin and a pre-base to treat the oily skin.


Try not to stray out of your comfort zone when it comes to foundation, as you want to feel comfortable on your big day. If you want more coverage, just take it up a ‘notch’. For example, if your everyday foundation is light, opt for medium coverage. Let’s get to the recommendations:

For dry skin (you’ve probably already guessed it) use a hydrating dewy foundation.

For oily skin, a mattifying foundation is a big yes from us.

For combination skin, you need one that’s best for both concerns, we recommend a semi-mattifying foundation.


Apply concealer in a triangle shape under the eye and up to the nostril, then blend with a brush or sponge. Applying in a triangle shape will brighten the centre of the face. You can also apply your concealer to the centre of the forehead, chin and centre of the nose to really brighten the entire face.


The number one rule for any makeup that will be photographed is to avoid white-based powders, as this can cause flashback (makeup bounce effect) in photos which is a big no-no. Use a powder that matches your skin tone and apply with a large powder brush.

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