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Cashmere Scarfs for Ladies. Why Is It Special?

In winter, you should dress warmly, but the feeling of heaviness of many layers of thick warm clothes is very annoying. Women’s cashmere scarfs can be an excellent alternative. True, they are not cheap, but one such thing can solve several problems of completing a winter wardrobe at once.

Material advantages

Cashmere is a thread made from the fluff of a certain type of mountain goat (the animal is not sheared, but combed out). For strength, a downy thread is always mixed (in various proportions) with other natural fibers – cotton, different types of wool, and silk.

Cashmere is very light so that even large enough beautiful stoles made of this fiber will hardly be felt on the shoulders. At the same time, it keeps heat remarkably, and a thin, weightless thing will warm no worse than a heavy multi-layered scarf.

Cashmere is soft, and it almost never causes skin irritation, so things made from it are also suitable for those women whose wool causes discomfort and itching. Finally, the very high cost of this material can be considered a virtue. Scarves can play the role of a kind of “noble letter”, emphasizing the high social status of their owner.

Cashmere shawls and stoles retain their appearance for several seasons, so a quality and cozy scarf will be a real investment in your look.

Cashmere does not lose color or stretch. Cashmere fiber is 6 times thinner than human hair, so more reverent production is required. That is why at first cashmere was available only to members of royal families and European aristocrats.

Beauty without limits

For a long time, its poor colorability was considered a disadvantage of the material. Cashmere products almost always had a color range close to natural.

But now the situation has changed. On sale, you can find beautiful stoles of the brightest colors (red, blue, with intricate patterns), and at the same time, everything will be in order with the quality of the fiber.

However, it is usually recommended to stop at pastel shades when it comes to cashmere. Light shades better emphasize the softness of this material, and the thing looks more feminine. But this does not mean that you need to choose only beige or gray. Peach, light green, pale pink – cashmere is now available to fashionistas in all these options.

A cashmere scarf will allow you to create many different looks. It will not only keep you warm on cold evenings but also add expressive zest to your image. With a scarf, it’s easy to accentuate your eye color or add a delicate and feminine touch to your look.

But no matter what you choose, the cashmere product will definitely become a landmark in your wardrobe.

We hope you enjoyed this article and now you understand why the cashmere scarf are so special and great. To find it, all you need to do is just visit the Aspinal of London website.

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