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British Trend: Tips on How to Dress Like a Gentleman

If you want your wardrobe to adopt a perfect British accent, Polo Club gives us the keys to the colours, fabrics and garments that can’t be missed.

Every season, fashion brands and designers invite us to travel by taking us on a ticket to destinations that become a source of inspiration when it comes to dressing. So, without leaving home, we can go on a world tour to places like India and its paisley prints, the American West with its denim fashion or even Andalusia and its flower and polka dot prints.

One of the favourite destinations is the United Kingdom, the place that every man should have marked on his fashionista GPS so as not to fail when it comes to dressing like a true gentleman.

We are lucky, England is one of the cradles of fashion and has been offering us trends for decades… and even centuries. It is easy to have references of the British world because we can look at its music, its cinema or its celebrities to identify what the style is like. What’s more… it’s not too far away for us to take a trip and go shopping in London. Are you up for it?

If you want to prepare your wardrobe to breathe the atmosphere of the British Isles, Polo Club offers us a series of very simple keys to follow in order to emerge victorious from this stylistic invasion. They are some basic tricks that make up the British style guide and that we can find among the brands’ proposals.

Prints and colours 

The simplest and most effective way to give our look a purely British character is to rely entirely on prints. I’m sure you’ve guessed it, in this field, checks are the big favourites, so we must print them on any type of garment or accessory.

The most famous ones are plaid, but there is life beyond tartan. One of the prints to take into account, without leaving our geometry class, are diamonds. Keep them in mind, especially in knitwear such as jumpers, cardigans or waistcoats.

As for the colour palette, earth tones should be our favourite range. As much love as the English love their flag, red, blue and white are not the colours of choice for the British aesthetic. Fashion makes us an absolute invitation to a day of hunting and that aesthetic is what our outfits should follow. So, tones such as camel or khaki are essential.

In-between-season garments 

Beige braided knit cardigan (Price: 180 euros).

Beige braided knitted cardigan (Price: 180 euros).

The British world has landed to print the masculine aesthetics so it is not surprising that the bad English weather permeates even the summer seasons and it is essential to continue wearing between-season garments until the arrival of high temperatures.

Sometimes, the summer heat brings with it passing thunderstorms for which we need lightweight, water-resistant garments such as mackintoshes. And for cooler evenings or cloudy days, there’s nothing quite like a sailor-style cardigan. Stylish and practical in equal measure.

The British atmosphere has plenty of landscapes and scenery to draw inspiration from. We’ve already seen how hunting determined the colour palette and now we take a look at the famous and prestigious British schools as they are another typical print that can help us get on board with the trend. 

From them we can adopt, without age complexes, the school uniforms. Here, the basic wardrobe starts with a pair of boat shoes, which provide the preppy aesthetic that is so popular. The most basic top is the shirt, both linen for warmer days and cotton.

But we can’t leave out the polo shirts, youthful and formal. Combine any of these pieces with a knitted jumper with a certain college aesthetic, with an embroidered initial, or a ribbed collar. Tie it around your neck and you’ve captured the quintessential British style.

Favourite fabrics 

Materials are another fundamental element to take into account when it comes to adopting our most British look. Among them, knitwear is undoubtedly the clear favourite. And this season it continues to claim the attention, being the key to many of our fashion looks. To adapt to the spring and summer weather, the garments that we will wear the most will be fine knitted jumpers or even jackets made of this same material.

At this point in life, you should already know that it is as important to know how to choose the garments as the accessories for our outfits. Accessories can be responsible for giving your look that British touch in a very simple way if you know how to choose the right ones.

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