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All About Clothing Style

Style in the dictionary

Let’s start at the beginning: what is style? From the outset, we are already in a quandary because style is not exactly a “tangible” concept with an immutable definition. So I decided to ask the opinion of someone who is rarely wrong and who has a lot to say: The Little Illustrated Dictionary.

According to the dictionary, style is both: the totality of someone’s tastes, his or her way of being, dressing, hairstyle and behaviour; but also the quality of someone who presents original aesthetic characteristics. What we learn here is that style is not only related to clothing. It is a whole that brings together a set of aesthetic and behavioural factors, but it is also a reflection of an individuality. And that’s exactly how we see fashion.

Our vision of style

At My Fashion Therapy, we believe that the way we dress should reflect our personality. For us, style is something you feel rather than something you explain. It expresses our uniqueness and our tastes without concession. A way of moving, a head carriage, the nonchalance of a hand in a pocket, the line of a harmonious silhouette, the perfection of an accessory… having style doesn’t depend on much and has little to do with the trend. Our number one fashion credo: I dress as I am!

The hstory of style

How long has fashion been fashionable?

Did you know that the word “fashion” appeared in the French language in the Middle Ages, when it referred to the collective way of living and dressing, which is not unlike our modern definition of style. But ‘fashion’ only really became ‘à la mode’ from the 17th century onwards at the court of the kings and queens of Europe; in particular at Versailles, where the fashions dictated by the well-born followed one another. Paris then became the capital of fashion, a title that the city has never lost since!

But can we talk about clothing style yet? Not really. At the time, you were ‘fashionable’ if you followed the tastes of the time, and there weren’t many alternatives for expressing your individuality. Especially since sartorial frivolities were strictly reserved for the aristocracy and the elite. It was not until the French Revolution that fashion became (somewhat) more democratic and began to take on more political and ideological aspects. But to achieve the REAL change, the real upheaval that would transform our way of dressing, we would have to wait…

The search for individuality through clothing style

Make way for youth! A little over a century and a half later, we are now at the very beginning of the 1960s, a decade that was to completely revolutionise fashion and society as a whole. For the first time in the history of clothing, teenagers refused to dress like their parents. They craved independence, individuality and belonging. 

With the rapid development of ready-to-wear clothing and the growing influence of pop culture, groups of young people began to appear and flourish, claiming their singularity through clothing styles that were as pronounced as they were varied. Music, cinema, sport, politics and stars of the time: it is now the tastes of youth that make and break fashions.


Discover your own style

60 years later, there is no shortage of styles – quite the contrary! Since the advent of ready-to-wear clothing in the mid-1960s, fashion has never run out of steam. The advent of the Internet and social networks in the 2000s has further strengthened the rise of new clothing trends governed by very specific aesthetic codes.

Gothic, kawaii, e-girl, hipster, emo, lolita… Because it’s impossible to list them all here, we’ve chosen to focus on the 9 most important clothing styles today, those that we most often come across in our modern streets: the classic style, the rock style, the fashion style, the romantic style, the bohemian style, the sportswear style, the casual style, the chic style and the vintage style. For each style, you will find a complete article with explanations, concrete examples and fashion tips to master them.

A flip-flop is an iconic style that can be surprisingly chic. Look for elevated details like square-toe soles, thin straps, or buttery leathers.

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